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Quotes on resilience and overcoming adversity

Quotes on resilience and overcoming adversity

Here are some of my favourite quotes about resilience and overcoming adversity. 

"It simply isn’t an adventure worth having is there aren’t any dragons." J.R.R. Tolkien
"If you suffer it is because of you. If you feel blissful, it is because of you. Nobody else is responsible, only you and you alone. You are your hell and your heaven too." Osho
"Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough." Oprah Winfrey
"I’ve learnt that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage and tangled christmas tree lights." Maya Angelou
"This is what you don’t do. Don’t let this world make you bitter. Don;t let actions of other people turn you cold on the inside. Certain things happen that hurt us, people come that lead us, and most of all there are moments when you’re bound to fall. Don;t let those things make you unkind. It’s okay to cry. It’s ok to be sad. But it’s never ok to do other people wrong just because you were done wrong. We’re human. We break. We make mistaes. But don’t let pain and sadness run your lives. Wake up in the morning and do what you think is right. There are moments in life where you feel like giving up and you can’t take any more. It’s okay. Breath. Inhale. Exhale. I know you’re weak. but the things that show your weak side are also the same ones that make you stronger in the long run. It’s all about taking whatever life throws at you and learning from it." Unknown
"You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness." Jonathan Safran Foer
"Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along." Rae Smith
"Be thankful for every heartbreak, for they were planned. They come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave. Their purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life. And you do." Unknown
"Don’t get stuck. Move, travel, take a class, take a risk. There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming. Don't lose yourself at happy hour, but don’t lose yourself on the corporate ladder either. Stop every once in a while and go out to coffee and climb in bed with your journal. Now is your time. Walk closely with people you love. Don’t get stuck in the past, and don’t try to fast forward yourself into a future you haven’t yet earned. Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can, and keep travelling honestly along life’s path." Shaun Niequist
"From the second that you’re in this world, 
they tell you what is “fair”,
The questions you’re allowed to ask,
And the ones you wouldn’t dare,
Placed on the path they’ve paved for you,
Life pushes you along,
Without the chance to stop and think,
If it’s right where you belong,
But beyond your pathway’s edges,
Is where living really starts,
A land of risks and danger,
A land of broken hearts,
They’ll tell you you should fear this land,
That there’s no good there at all,
As they live their lives as they’ve been taught,
Behind expectation’s wall,
But the best people you will ever meet,
Have wandered off their track,
Found themselves along the way,
And have no need to wander back,
So forget about life’s road map,
Follow your heart at any cost,
For you’ll never truly find yourself,
If you’re too scared to get lost." e.h.
"Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come." Unknown
"This trouble you’re in isn’t punishment, it’s training." Unknown
"If you’re going through hell, keep going." Winston Churchill
"We are not meant to stay wounded. We are supposed to move through our tragedies and challenges and to help each other move through the many painful episodes of our lives. By remaining stuck in the power of our wounds, we block our own transformation. We overlook the greater gifts inherent in our wounds - the strength to overcome them and the lessons that we are meant to receive through them. Wounds are the means through which we enter the hearts of other people. They are meant to teach us to become compassionate and wise. " Cardin Myss
"I know now that we never get over great losses; we absorb them, and they carve us into different, often kinder, creatures. "Gail Caldwell
"I know you’ll face pain, suffering, hard choices but you can’t let the weight of it choke the joy out of life. No matter what, you have to find the things that love you. Run to them. There’s an old saying - that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I don’t believe that. I think the things that try to kill you make you angry and sad. Strength comes from the good things, your family, your friends, the satisfaction of hard wrk. Those are the things that will keep you whole, those are the things to hold onto when you’re broken." Jay Teller
"Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift." Mary Oliver
"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it." Michelle K., Some
"It’s up to you to find beauty in the ugliest of days." Unknown
"Every test in our life makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to break us or make us. The choice is ours whether we become victim or victor." Unknown
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