Hello, my name is Jessica.

The Spiral is a lifestyle blog about happiness. The basics of happiness are easy to come by.  Learn to be happy with less. Be true to yourself. In order to help yourself, help another. All things we have all heard before. But all of this can lead us to think the true path to happiness requires us to shave our heads and run away to Nepal. How can we learn to be happy and lead better lives without turning our backs on modern life? This is what The Spiral aims to answer.  

The truth is it all comes down to lifestyle. Many of us are living life as we think we should. Treating life as a series of boxes to tick and milestones to reach. Or to fit ourselves into a role - the perfect daughter, wife, friend and employee. But no matter what we achieve, those feelings of contentment and happiness still elude us. We try our best. We try to change things. But still end up stuck in a rut. Demoralised, bored, and unappreciated. 

In general, everyone wants the same thing. Financial security. A better work life balance. To travel. But at the same time everyone is unique. What makes me happy (cheesy horror films, blueberry muffins, reading women’s health) won’t necessarily be up your street. The same goes for life. I believe the only way to create a life you love is to tailor it so that it works specifically for you. Only when you know yourself fully can you change yourself, your life and your environment in a way that will stick. I also believe that happiness comes from the little things we do day to day. Not via big breaks and lottery wins. Which is great news considering our chances of those happening! 

When I started taking care of myself, and focusing on what I wanted and how I wanted to live, that's when everything started falling into place for me. My relationships improved, I felt happier than I had done in a long time, and my creativity improved ten fold. Where I had struggled with my writing for five years, in the space of three months I had started and stuck with writing three novels (I got a bit too carried away). And I’ve started this blog :) It's not the end of the road by far but it was a big improvement for me. 

There is no ten point plan, or miracle mix I can point you too - it all comes down to self discovery. Finding out and loving who you are, and what works for you. Finding out what people and environments and activities bring you alive and inspire you. From personal experience, changing my life to suit myself was a lot more fun that the countless years I spent trying to change myself to suit my life. Enjoy the journey! 

Lots of love, Jessica x 

Life isn’t a straight line, it’s a spiral. The deeper you go, the more you know.